Commercial Spinning Bike

Spinning bike is a indoor bicycle it is a form of exercise
which centre onendurance,strength. It also helps in
building strength and burn calories

Net Weight and Gross Weight : 61 / 56kg Machine Size (L, W, H ) 1065 , 520, 1315 m
Packing Size (L,W,H) 840, 260,1150 m

Stair Climber

Step Up Pro (Touch Screen)Stair-trainer mimics stair climbing provides A great Cardio workout that is easy on your joints . stair-trainer workout target a number of different lower body muscles group . it also improve your core strength

Commercial Treadmill

Commercial Treadmill technical parameters help in measuring your hearts rate in beats per minute . your heart rate measurement while running can be a good way of know how hard you workout

Elliptical Machine

Elliptical trainer is a exercise machine used for walk ,run or stair climb without causing pressure to the joints. elliptical machine helps in burning

Step Size 510 mm, Pedal Spacing : 75 mm
Product Size(L,W,H) 1750, 660, 2030 mm
Net Weight 115 kg


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