Spinning Bike


Spinning bike is a indoor bicycle it is a form of exercise which centre on endurance,strength. It also helps in building strength and burn calories

  • Elliptical


    Elliptical trainer is a exercise machine used for walk ,run or stair climb without causing pressure to the joints. elliptical machine helps in burning calories and lose body fat and increase heart rate.

  • HX Pro Max

    Technical Parameters

    Product size:2200mm*920mm*1550mm, Net/Gross weight:200kg/245kg,The maximum bearing:150kg, Motor power:Continuous:2.9KW/3.9HP;Peak:4.3KW/5.8HP,Speed range:- 20~1KM/H,Slope range:0~16%,Running area:1620mm*580mm

  • Stair Climber

    Technical Parameters

    Stair-trainer mimics stair climbing provides A great Cardio workout that is easy on your joints . stair-trainer workout target a number of different lower body muscles group . it also improve your core strength

  • Cruve Tread mill

    Technical Parameters

    Step Up Pro (Touch Screen), Product Size: 1500*855*1990mm (L*W*H),Running Area: 440*1700mm Running Belt Size: 440*1700mm, Machine Weight: 157kg, Machine load: 200kg Max Speed: Unlimited