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Duration : 1 month

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Duration : 1 month

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Duration : 6 month

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Duration : 1 Years

Our Methods

Functional Training

The movements are similar to the everyday tasks we perform. So, these exercises help to increase strength and flexibility in the muscles and joints we use to perform daily chores. Functional exercises focus more on efficiency rather than aesthetics, which allows you to use the multiple muscles in your body wisely.

Weight Training

Gaining muscle is beneficial for weight management and body image. Weight training is an extremely beneficial activity. It adds bone mass and strength, and is a great calorie burner. And women don't need to worry about becoming "too big." Unless you have a bizarre hormonal system, you are not going to become bulky or overly muscular. Added muscle enhances your curves and natural shape. Changing your proportions with a little extra muscle makes you look slimmer, and helps increase your metabolism.

Full Cardio Offering

With this class you are incorporating toning and muscle strength. Upper body and lower body toning... overall making you feel a lot better about yourself not just through losing weight but overall body perception. The upping of the intensity with the advanced class has definitely help you to improve your overall fitness and body strength.”

I have ordered a Elliptical Machine almost 6 months before and it's quality and functionality is great as of now.. "

During the first lockdown to curb the spread of Covid 19 in 2020 I had decided to buy some workout equipment for home "

Beauty and durability in one piece. Love these bumper plates and the SF rod with speed rope. "